100 pcs Air Queen Breeze


Air QUEEN Breeze Mask is an individually packaged CE-marked FFP2 type respirator developed and manufactured in South Korea by TopTec. It is very light and made of so-called Nano material, which makes it easier to breathe through than most other respirators that filter with the protection ratings FFP2. The protection is of the 3D type and thus becomes more comfortable to wear for longer periods, for example a flight.

If you are in a risk group and risk staying temporarily in environments where you cannot avoid being closer to other people than 1 meter, the WHO recommends a respirator that filters such as FFP2 / N95 / KF94 / KN95 in combination with other measures, which are shown in the instructions below.

AIRQUEEN Breeze mask has N95 Level Filter Performance.
US FDA NIOSH Standards,
N95 is a filter grade similar to KF94.
Air Queen Mask has been found to have excellent functions in inhalation resistance and exhalation resistance, making it a differentiated breathing convenience with the filter function of the Mask.
Inhalation Resistance (under 35mmH2O standard 8.2~8.8MMh20)
Ehhalation Resistnce (under 25mmH2O standards 7.9~8.3mmH2O)

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