100 pcs All Keeper Facemask (white)


ALL KEEPER KF94 MASK FDA approved Medical Surgical Mask. Medical Device Class 2 Registered VERIFY FDA APPROVAL HERE
MFDS Certified KF94 Epidemics Prevention Mask
Made of High Quality Melt-Blown Filters to Efficiently Filter Out Fine dusts, Virus, Bacteria etc
Soft Non-Woven Fabrics used on the inner Linings to minimize skin irritation.
Liquid resistant to prevent droplet infections.
All keeper masks are tested continuously at MFDS certified company laboratory to assure continuous quality.
Made with 100% Korea materials, 4 Multi Layer Protection Mask, protects your respiratory system from infection.

This product will filter 94% of airborne particle to protect from harmful air pollutants, if properly used according to Korea MFDS and FDA approved

Ergonomical design for maximum comfort and more space for breathing

Each mask is packed individually for Hygienic purposes

Nano filtration thread for easy breathing and comfort to protect from yellow dust, fine dust and infectious sources.

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